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​Thanks for Your Interest In A Solar Report from 3 Guys Solar 

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New Program From 3Guys Solar calculates what Solar would do for Your Home.

​It actually shows the panels measured to scale on your roof. Now You can start the solar calculations. (ask for a personal screen share session, only takes a few minutes)

Your Completed Custom Report Sent By Email... Most will find you can install solar for less than your current power bill. We offer several finance options, after a brief consultation of course.

Here is one of the summary pages, after a brief consultation. Installing Solar for less than your power bill is becoming normal!

Yes, You can install Solar for $0 down and no payments for 3 months, normally for about what you were paying for the old power bill. ​No games, No gimmicks!

Until now, solar panels were less about saving money and more about environmental protection. Now, Fla homeowners can accomplish both, reduce or eliminate the power bill, AND be good to the environment!

3Guys Solar is a lic Solar Contractor with 100's of happy customers here in Fla. On our website you can see many of these jobs. We also have a list of customers who are happy to speak with You about the entire process thru 3Guys Solar.

Mike Norvell Sr 
Sales & Marketing

We Now Offer Custom Quotes For Commercial Projects 

Another Screen Shot Calculator, measures sun vs shade 

Larger Solar Jobs Require more panels, but have the same kinds of pay back!

With some information from you, we can create a detailed proposal for you to consider. You will normally receive the proposal report within 1 day!

We also have an option for a screen share, so we can build the proposal together all in one step. Takes about 15 minutes, and then we can email it to you. No games, no gimmicks....​

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Mike Norvell Sr 

Mike has been involved in all phases of energy conservation sales and ​solar for many years here in Central Fl. His experience will make you feel comfortable in the entire process.

Mike Norvell Sr