roof mounted solar hot water
Auto Drain Solar Hot Water System

Shown is the 80 Gallon Solar Tank with an  Optional Auto Drain-Back Kit 

Installing Solar Hot Water is a job for professionals.

Bright Energy Central, LLC. handles everything: Licensed & Insured Installation, Permitting, & County Inspections

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Solar Hot Water Saves Both Money & Energy....  Here is Why:

  • Our Fla Sun Is Perfect For For Installing Solar Hot Water! 
  • Larger Capacity 80 or 120 Gallon Glass Lined Solar Tank 
  • Reduce Electric Costs Forever ( 2nd highest kilowatt usage)
  • Solar Hot Water Qualifies for Federal and Utility Incentives
  • Most Qualify for 0 Down and 3-6 months before making your first payment... Monthly Savings Cover Payments!

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Solar Hot Water Qualities For 30% Tax Credit !! Ask About the 70-30 Loan Package..  Finance only the 70% and get up to 12 months to pay the other 30% from your federal tax refund

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Heat Your Water With Just Solar Panels, No Pumps!