Solar Hot Water Now Costs Less In Florida

Florida Homeowners should take another look at Solar Hot Water Systems. You could make the argument that Solar Hot Water is now Free for many homeowners. 

Bright Energy Central, LLC has a new financing program that is hard to resist. The base installed price for a standard job is now down to $ 5,994.00​.  With the rebates from the Utility Company, and the Federal Tax Credit, this is now about a 3 year break even product.

Lets do the math...​

Let's do the math     Beginning Price

This is the balance after the 30% Federal Tax Credit

This is the standard Rebate from Most Utility Companies

After the two major rebates, this is the amount>>>>>>>>>>

 $ 5,995.00

x 30% = $1,800.

​$ 4,200.00

 - $550.00

​$3,600 Balance

If we can assume a family of 4 or more,  the average savings over an electric hot water tank will be about $70 or more a month.  This means the break even point is just over 4 years. 

Bright Energy Central now has financing that allows the homeowner to install the system for nothing down, and no payments for ​either 3 months or 6 months. The value of this financing package is simple.

It gives the homeowner time to go to their bank or credit union, and get a very low interest  green energy loan. With this loan, the payback is break even in 5 years...and a tax write off the whole time. 

If you check out this math, it clearly shows that the Solar Hot Water Package actually will never cost the homeowner not one red cent out of pocket. The Solar Hot Water Package will cost nothing out of pocket for many years to come.

Compare this to the electric , they cost you more every year.  Solar Hot Water is actually free after the cost of the equipment is ​factored out.