RIP Midnight Was An Awesome Cat

Midnight was a rescue cat. In fact, all of our cats have been rescue cats.

But Midnight was the first rescue cat that we got as a young kitten. We normally get a cat that has some of the little kitten craziness kinda passed by, as we are gone thru the day, and crazy kitten with another adult cat would be worrisome for us.

But we did find Midnight at about 2-3 months old. He was so outgoing, so social, so loving in his quick "interview"​ with Teresa, who was trying to make a decision out of a selection of at least 50 cats. But, she put him back because we really did not want a kitten.

But, after about 30 minutes of 'interviews" she came back to the little kitten. This time Midnight was all purrs, and climbed up her sleeve and started doing his little head butts. And when she tried to put him down this time, he started ​crying.. Next thing we knew, a decision was made to take him home.

After a few months we took him back to the vet, as he was not really growing that much. He seemed healthy, very active.... very very active... but was still so little. But he got a clean bill of health, and we took him back home. He never did grow very much. I think about 7-8 pounds w​as all he ever got to.

Midnight & Shadow

But Midnight did not know he was small. He was absolutely fearless. We had another cat that was older and twice his size, and Midnight started fights with him daily. We used to wonder when he would learn his lesson and quit picking fights that he NEVER WON, but he never did back down. Midnight was a climber, and would jump from ANYWHERE to attack. We used to worry about him getting hurt. But he was like a little ninja....... little furry black ninja.

​After a few years, he started wanting to be a lap kitty for Teresa, until I would get on the floor. Then he would come down and spend some time with me, and after a few minutes, would always go back to sit with Teresa. He followed her from room to room, and was always DEMANDING attention. Want to type on the computer... to bad... figure out how to type with a cat on the keyboard. Or in your lap, or sitting on your shoulder...

This went on for over 16 years. Thru that time, we brought in other full size cats. The new cats never once challenged Midnight, and he never backed down. He would sit in the middle of an open window sill, and not move over. He was the tiny cat king of the house.

But in the last year, he started slowing down, and we could tell arthritis was kicking in pretty bad.​ And Friday night we lost him. He is buried now in our yard next to his best buddy Shadow.  

Midnight, you were an awesome cat, and a true member of our family. You will be truely missed.​

RIP Midnight   2000 – 2016

Midnight ( the Cat)  Will Be Missed