Does More Insulation Cool My House In Fla

After we do a presentation, Customers are always asking," why do I have so much insulation in my Florida home? If what you are telling me is true, then adding more insulation as others have suggested can allow my attic to HOLD MORE HEAT LONGER"

Who is telling the truth??

The fact is, the other salespeople are also telling the truth... Their brochures are absolutely correct. Their brochures show a map of climate zones....

 We are in Florida. Look at us on a map. We are hot and humid here. No Snow, no harsh winters here!

Effectively, Central Florida is about the most Southern point of the US. Secondly, we are surrounded by water, with a constant flow of moisture created by the convection created by our land mass bordered by this huge body of water.

Compare that to Southern California.. They are roughly the same level as Atlanta,Ga. But, because they have an ocean on one side and a desert on the other, they too have a very unique weather situation.   

The rest of the country needs protection from months of freezing temps.

But, here in Florida, we don't have snow on the roofs.. ever. We get rain, high temps and humidity most of the time. So why do we have to employ the same building standards as Buffalo, NY. Or Wichita, Kansas.​  

Back to the brochures.... The brochures are correct for most of the country. But they also include a MAP. To my knowledge, the insulation companies don't make brochures just for Florida.

The Manufacturer is in the business of selling their product.  So if they sell more product, they make more money. But more insulation  in Florida does not stop the heat gain. More Insulation will hold More heat. 

But Florida homes don't have a problem with holding heat. They have a problem with keeping heat out. SO WHY DO THEY WANT 2 FEET THICK of insulation in our attic.

Why don't we design homes to stop heat from coming in, keep the homes from getting so hot from the beginning.​

Here is a promotional Video by a major Insulation Contractor. Please watch the whole thing if you wish, but for the purposes of this video.... just go to about 4 minutes, and listen for a minute.... You will hear them say very clearly... Areas of the country with prolonged heat and humidity will not see the same benefits .. Hey, did they slip that in... 

In one sentence, they say that the product MAY NOT WORK here as promised, but, the building codes are in place to PROTECT THE MANUFACTURER, not the homeowner.

So, if Owens Corning admits the insulation is not as effective in our type of Climate, then we should ask, what is effective. Why can't we get homes that will reduce the amount of AC needed, lower our electric bills, and make our homes more comfortable. 

There are answers. If you have a new home being built, you can certainly add proper energy saving products that will pay for themselves in just a few years. If you have an existing home, you may need to have an honest energy audit to determine the best way to retrofit your home.

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