Radiant Barrier Keeps Attics Cool

Radiant Barrier Really Works If You Install It Properly

My First experience with Radiant Barrier was quite unexpected.

I was working with a company years ago that sold Solar Attic Fans and Solar Tube Skylights.. We had a job that had to be done in the afternoon during the summer! I did not want to start the job in the afternoon, attics are just too hot!!

I prepared for the temps that I knew would be approaching 150 degrees, and planned how to get out ASAP!​

I pulled down the garage access door, and prepared to enter the torture chamber that most attics are by 2 pm. 

Instead, I found a bright shiny environment, and the attic was much cooler than I expected. I was amazed at how cool the attic was, from that day forward I have been a real fan of Radiant Barrier in Florida Attics.

Later, I saw a job that only had the Radiant Barrier installed between the rafters... the attic was still pretty hot...  Further inspection of this method made me find out that leaving the top rafters exposed is only stopping 70% of the heat!

Installing Radiant Barrier is HARD, and takes a very experienced crew to install properly. We do it right the first time, our crew is clean and neat, and will leave your home very neat as well. Also, we have a no smoking policy on a homeowners property. We respect your home.

How do I know My Home Will Save Money By Installing Radiant Barrier  

Great Question!

All the actual $$ savings you will receive from Radiant Barrier ​will be from the Air Conditioner running less. Since the ducts are run in the attics in Fla,you know that the AC is fighting this excessive attic heat.

Therefore, there is a formula for what your actual savings will be. Everyone will save based on these calculations. It’s really just math. However, there is no doubt that your home will be more comfortable, your AC will run less, and there will be a noticeable difference in what used to be the hottest rooms.

What we have found from working in hundreds of homes is that every situation is a little different…

Low pitched roof vs high, dark shingles vs lighter, orientation of the home to the sun, single or 2 story….

 Also, we ALWAYS install at least one Solar attic Fan on every job. Without a way to keep the convective Fla Heat Moving, the job will not work properly!

Think of radiant barrier as like standing under a big tree in the summer. It’s still 90 degrees out, but the sun is not baking you directly any more. This is exactly what Radiant barrier will do for your home.

An onsite evaluation with a Laser thermometer will find the solutions to each home in a short time. We don’t have to guess any more….

Over the last few years, we have asked homeowners to step up into the attic while we were half way thru the install and to take a seat under a seam of Radiant Barrier material.

It's like sitting in the Shade! You can feel the difference immediately.

Reflecting the Radiant Heat Works!​

Radiant Barrier comes in different qualities, and you should do some homework before putting just any material in your home.  If you would like a free sample of high quality radiant barrier, please fill in the form to the right, and we will get a sample out to you right away!

Here Is  A pic Of One of Our Favorite Materials, made by Attic Foil, Inc​

Radiant Barrier is not air conditioning. But it will keep your attic from getting as hot. Period. We always install a solar powered attic fan with every job we do. We have found that this is the best combo to install with a high         quality Radiant Barrier.

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Radiant Barrier Works Great When Installed Properly

Don’t Settle For Material Laid On the Floor.. how will anyone ever be able to do service in the attic later?

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