Off Grid PV Solar Hot Water LP

Finally!   PV Panels Make Solar Hot Water Off Grid

Now Make Hot Water Even During Grid Power Outages

No Freezing, No Plumbing No Maintenance Worries with This Solar PV Powered Off Grid Hot Water System

Solar Thermal Hot Water Collector on South Facing Roof Is Best

Traditional Solar Thermal Must Take Precautions When Installing In Freeze Prone Climates.

The Newly Approved Sun Bandit is an Off Grid Solar PV Water Heating System that does not need any plumbing, pipes or pumps. This is great news for those who live in freeze prone areas. 

Sun Bandit uses the recent advances in Solar Technology to actually make off grid water heating possible with a few solar panels and specifically designed inverter system. These Sun Bandit units will effectively heat water for an 80 gallon or 120 gallon tank. Just Add more panels for larger families!

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