Save At Least 20% On Your Power Bills

This is written by Mike Norvell Sr, based on many years of experience in the field. It is written as an overview of our business in general terms, not as a scientific journal. 

Over the years we have worked with thousands of homeowners that decided to make their home more energy efficient.

We also help make homes more comfortable and help with extending the life of the AC system. Many of our products pay for themselves out of the monthly savings!

It is cheaper to reduce consumption than to create power.                   Keep that in mind when you consider installing solar pv panels. We have a neat little software app that can do the math in a few minutes.

The following are some of the energy saving products we install most often. We can install most jobs in a day or less, so we don't interrupt your lives very long. But, the long lasting effects of our jobs will be noticed every month in lower energy bills!​

Cool Your Attic With Radiant Barrier Foil

Radiant Barrier is used by NASA to protect the space stations and satellites.  Radiant Barrier in your home can reflect radiant heat out of the attic, making it cooler immediately. Many people feel installing Radiant Barrier is like installing shade over the home. Depending on the home, we average lowering the Attic temps 30 to 50 degrees!

Since the AC Ducts run thru the attic, they are fighting that attic heat.​ Studies show that the AC will run much less, and running less will certainly lower the electric bill! Also, since the AC is running less, it will last longer, putting off having to write a huge check for a new AC system.

Attic Insulation

​We also install insulation.  Unfortunately, many homeowners have ended up with cheap insulation that absorbs moisture, and settles/shrinks down more every year. The high quality insulation that we install does not absorb moisture, and has a lifetime guarantee against settling. 

Occasionally homeowners have a problem with pests creating nests in the attic. These pests can seriously contaminate the attic and insulation, and we have a big vacuum truck to remove this mess. We then sanitize and seal the attic, and then install the good high quality insulation. Note: Many home insurance policies cover this, so check with your agent.

​Solar Attic Fans Work All Day To Keep Your Attic Cool!                                       

​We have been installing Solar Attic Fans as an accessory for many years. Solar Attic Fans need no electrical wiring, and come on at daylight and go off at sunset. Solar Attic Fans will help to cool the Attic, but primarily Solar Attic Fans remove the super heated heat pressure. This heat is known as "Convective" Heat, and is responsible for actually PUSHING heat thru objects. Like ceilings and AC Ducts.

Since the fans come on at daylight, the heat never gets a chance to build up that pressure to start with. Nice Product. They are simple, they work, they are bulletproof. The solar attic fan is the unsung hero of the attic, pulling heat and convective pressure that would have been working against the AC all day. 

Solar Attic Fans Are Maintenance Free For Years 

Where Does my electric Dollar Go

Graph Showing What Uses The Most Electricity

Solar Hot Water May Save You The Most of All

​Next is a product that requires some study, to make sure it can be installed and to be sure the homeowner will benefit. It's Solar Hot Water, and could be the biggest saver of the electric bill in some cases. In fact, larger families could save up to 30% simply by installing solar hot water. Smaller families will average about 15% in savings, and there is another benefit as well.... Lot's of hot water!! Solar rated tanks are designed incredibly more efficient than normal electric tanks. And, we love showing that most solar tanks are not only much larger, but also hold hotter water as well.  

Because most electric tanks use a 4,500 watt heating element, it is the second largest user of electricity in the home. Most Utility Company websites show that a Solar Hot Water system will save up to 85% of the power over a smaller electric tank. We have a great software tool that shows the savings on your old tank in just a minute or so. The info needed is always ​on the sticker on the side of the tank... Large families can save over a 100 per month..

Speaking of investing, ​everything that we install is a real investment. They all produce an immediate return on investment, and continue to pay back every day from now on. We can't say that about most anything else in the home. A new big screen or a pallet of sod is not an investment. They do not produce a return. Our products do.

Solar PV Panels should be considered LAST. ​

It is Cheaper to Reduce Consumption Than to Create Power​

​That was a brief overview of the energy saving product that we install. If your home is a perfect match, then you may benefit from installing all of these products.  But, not all homes are a good match. For example, many homes with barrel tile roofs do a great job of keeping heat out of the attic, so it's usually not recommended to install radiant barrier on these homes. Insulation is always recommended to keep at the building code levels, but in Fla, filling up an attic with excessive insulation, and nothing else, will result in retaining excessive heat retention in the attic. 

Over the last few years we have operated a permitting business for contractors.  This requires us to show up at a customers home, and perform a site evaluation. Many times the salesman has a signed contract for a bigger system than the homes roof will fit. The salesman meant well, but especially with hip roofs, getting a layout is difficult to do from the ground. In any event, we often are able to save the job, and install a smaller solar pv system. By using our software, we can make the home more efficient, and lower the kilowatt demand. Now you don't need such a big system, and the price is a few thousand cheaper as well. 

Like we said, It is cheaper to reduce consumption than to create power.  We offer a free, online presentation     that can prove that point in about 15 minutes. ​Look for the 15 minute quote on the front page menu!

Here is a kick in the butt..... If your average bill is 300 per month, that is 3,600 per year, in 10 years that is over 54,000 with only a minimal 5% rate increase...  Saving only 20% would amount to over $10,800. 30% is over $16,000.  

Want a Solar Quote, but don't want a pushy Salesman in Your Home.... No Problem!

We can save anyone over 20-30%.. Set up an appointment for an online presentation....  Get a Quote in about 15 minutes, online, in the privacy of your home... NO SALESMAN WILL COME TO YOUR HOME!!!

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