How To Lower My Electric Bill

Every Summer here in Florida, we get the same questions

"How do I lower my electric bill?"

"What can we do that will make a real difference?"

"What are the real FACTS about local rebates and incentives?​"

There is no secret that the reason the summer electric bills go up so much is the AC is working overtime to deal with the unrelenting Fla Heat. In most Fla homes, more than half the bill goes straight to the AC..Anything to reduce this will make a huge difference. 

You May Wish To Install Solar Panels

 But, before installing solar, you should find ways to lower your KWH consumption. We can normally find simple solutions to reduce your bill by at least 20% before installing Solar Panels.

A few simple ways to Lower My Electric Bill​

Reseal Your Leaking AC Ducts​

Very quickly, We have to first make sure the ducts are tight, no leaks. SO many homes have leaking ducts... This simple fix can be worth lots of KWH's off of your electric bill every month!

In Fla, ducts are run thru the hottest part of the  home, your attic. Leaking ducts suck in this hot air.

Most Fla Attics trap this excessive heat & our AC systems have to work over time trying to keep up.

Since the AC system uses more power than almost everything else in the home COMBINED, then controlling the AC running time is a very big deal.

What Else can we do to  make the AC run less? Clean the outside coils, change the filters... But the attic is still too hot.

You could try meditation, use your mind to cool you down. But even if that would work for you, the kids, or spouse, or friends... they are going to be leaving pools of sweat where ever they are sitting.

But, it does not have to be this way. 

You could do what NASA does. Just install a space age, proven method that blocks heat from burning up satellites, space stations and even our own Astronauts. The product, it's called Radiant Barrier..

Radiant Barrier reflects radiant heat. That's all it does.  There is no arguing this point. Radiant Barrier is a foil based product that when installed will reflect the heat away.

Installing Radiant Barrier will reflect the oppressive heat from morning till night, so the attic just never gets that hot anymore. This can make a big difference.

This Laser Thermometer Was Tracking 134 Degrees one Early Afternoon, but It Was  Only 84 Degrees Outside. 

Bright Energy Central will never install Radiant Barrier with out at least one Solar Attic Fan. ​Some homes will benefit from more, based on the attic size. 

Solar Attic Fans Pull Convective Heat Pressure 

Solar Attic fans will Help to Lower My Electric Bill

 The primary purpose of these fans is to keep the convective heat pressure from building.

Radiant Barrier Reflects the Heat All Day 

correctly installed radiant barrier
We could not talk about Radiant Barrier without mentioning Solar Attic Fans.

Next, let's look at how you heat the water!

Another item to look at in your home, is the electric hot water heater. It is the second largest user of electricity in your home. 

Solar Hot Water

Lower My electric bill with solar hot water

Solar Hot Water Saves About 85%, average install price about $5,995.

Hybrid Hot Water Heater

Hybrid Hot Water Saves about 60%, great for smaller families!

Either way, getting rid of the old hot water tank will Lower the Electric Bill! An Average Family will save about 250 kilowatt hours per month off of your electric bill!

Back in the 70's, the Federal Gov mandated that all hot water heaters have a set of tests done and the results were to be posted on every tank.  See the sticker here.-->

This sticker shows the real cost of running the electric hot water heater.  This one shows 4879 kilowatt hours a year, or over 400 kilowatt hours a month....

Want to learn how to decode the Yellow Sticker...  Sign up on the form to the right and get a free app that will do the math for you!




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