Solar Hot Water

When Should I Replace My Hot Water Heater

​Electric Hot Water Heaters Cost More Every Year Thinking about REPLACING YOUR Electric WATER HEATER?   Why NOT Replace? Water heating is typically the second largest energy expense in your home. It can account for as much as 30% of your monthly utility bill. As water heaters age, their efficiency fades and you may not have […]

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Is Solar Pool Heating A Good Investment

​ MARCH 15, 2015 MIKENORVELL Take a look at the neighborhoods from Google Earth, and you will notice a lot of Pools in Florida. Why not, We are the Sunshine State.. However, because most pools have a screen cage built over the pools, much of the direct sun is not making it to heat the […]

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Net Metering In Fla

Net Metering in Fla is fairly consistent between all the utilities. In a nutshell, it is a state wide policy that allows a homeowner to create renewable energy and sell the excess back to the grid. ​For example, if a home has a PV solar system installed, and is legally connected to the grid, then any […]

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