Best Price on Solar Hot Water in Florida

   What is the Best Price on Solar Hot Water Systems                here in the Central Florida Area.

For those who don't want to read the whole article, the average installed net price for our customers with a 'Normal" one story, shingle roof, garage Solar Hot Water Heater install is.... $3,975.00( including rebates and incentives)

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Solar Hot Water costs have finally gone down here in Central Fla.

Like any other industry that goes mainstream, the cost of solar hot water installs has been slowly going down over the last few years. Potential customers are using the internet to shop around, and are interested in the best deal they can get.

I have been involved in both sales and installation of solar energy saving products for years. ​I actually was working as an installer for solar hot water passive systems back in the 80s, and the price at that time was around 6 thousand dollars. That would be over 20 thousand in today's money!

​Over the last few years, the technology has certainly improved. We will be happy to show the three basic types of systems that are now available.. Just fill in the form to the right, and we can get your started.

    ​Here is a pic of the new style system that goes on the roof.                                                           This is what you will get when we install you the Best Price on Solar Hot Water System for your home!

Best Price on Solar Hot Water

Bright Energy Central ​is happy to discuss pricing and financing options for any homeowner needing information on the Best Price on Solar Hot Water Systems here in Florida.

​Here is a pic of the Solar Hot Water System installed with the optional Auto Drain Back Feature, perfect for those who want the  best deal on solar hot water systems here in Florida.

Best Price on Solar HOt Water System for Florida Homes  Solar Hot Water With Auto Drain Back

In Fairness, smaller families should check out our Post on the Hybrid Hot Water Systems.  These hybrids are part of an efficiency package that includes solar attic fans and LED lights. Click below for a look at this new efficiency package.




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