Solar Powered Attic Fans

Solar Powered Attic Fans Do A Great Job removing heat from Attics here in Fla. Our attics can average over 140 degrees, and make the AC Unit struggle to work against that heat.

Hot Air molecules trapped in an attic will expand up to 3x their normal size, getting even hotter as the pressure builds.

Convective heat will actually PUSH heat straight thru objects in the attic, such as the cooling ducts, the insulation and the sheet rock ceiling as well.

The biggest solution that Solar attic fans provide is to stop the build up of Convective Heat.

Convective heat pressure  is what makes an oven work, the door has to be closed to build up the heat inside.

Your attic is like a big oven, building up incredible heat.​

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Restricted Air Flow in Fla attics is a big problem. We average 9 months of high heat & humidity. This trapped heat pressure makes our homes so uncomfortable.

Solar Attic fans start working early in the morning, pulling air flow thru the attic so the pressure will NOT build. Simple in their design, but effective in doing one job very well!

We normally install Solar Powered Attic Fans along with Radiant Barrier, they make a great combination in Fla Attics.

​Solar Attic Fans Saves Your Expensive Insulation 

Heavy moisture and heat pressure will compress average attic insulation in a few years. Solar Attic fans pull the moisture and heat out of the attic, helping the insulation stay in great shape to protect your home. 

Check out the link for more info.. ask about the 30% Tax Credit.

Mike Norvell Sr

Mike Norvell Sr has been working in Fl homes solving energy efficiency problems for many years. Call today for an appointment to discuss making your home more comfortable.

Laser thermometer shows the attic temps

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