Is Solar Pool Heating A Good Investment

Take a look at the neighborhoods from Google Earth, and you will notice a lot of Pools in Florida. Why not, We are the Sunshine State.. However, because most pools have a screen cage built over the pools, much of the direct sun is not making it to heat the pool. Many people want to swim more than just in the summer, so it makes sense to explore pool heating options.

The FSEC ( FLorida Solar Energy Center) has been monitoring pools, especially solar pools here in Florida for over 20 years. They have concluded that a pool without any auxiliary heat will be swim able about 110 days per year. Adding properly installed solar with more than double that time, to an average of 290 days per year!

There are many factors to consider when considering solar pool heating. First, is the size of the pool. You will need to know the sq ft surface area to start. If the pool is about 250 sq ft, then you will want to have about the same or more of solar panels sq ft to heat this size pool.

Lets take a look at the picture above... First, we have to be aware of the roof orientation. The top of the photo is north, the left side is west. The solar panels shown here are installed on the south side. South is always the best side to install if it is available!

There are two basic types of roof structures.. One is a Gable style, (on the right)and the other type shown here is called a Hip Roof. Hip Roofs are wonderful for designers, but makes the job of installing solar more difficult.

All solar panels are basically rectangles in shape, while hip roofs are basically triangle shapes... See for yourself how much harder it is to fit enough solar panels in on the south sides of each of these homes. What if the homes were turned 90 degrees to the right.... now south would be a terrible roof line to work on for some of the homes, not so bad for others..

Installing Solar Pool panels will more than double the swim season for those homes that have enough roof to fit the panels. Again, using Google, take a visual look at the pool and see if there is room to place it on the roof. There are measuring tools that can make this more precise, but sometimes its just pretty obvious without measuring.

One factor that is a big plus for Solar Pool Heating is when the system is installed, there is no more costs to absorb to run the panels. The sun provides the heat. All other systems cost as much or more to install, and then cost every time they are used. This is certainly something most people appreciate.

On the other side of the coin, Solar Pool Heating alone will not provide enough heat to use the pool year round. You can count on needing aux heat for swimming from Dec thru March. However, here in Florida, this could actually be more or less depending on the actual weather. One thing is certain, a solar heated pool is warmer in the winter than a non heated pool by at least 20 degrees!

Therefore, in my opinion, Solar Pool Heating is worth the investment. Once installed, there is no cost to run the system. However, the pool will not be warm enough without aux heat during a few months of the Fla winter.

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