Can I Save Money With Solar Power


Over the last few years I have certainly seen a lot of Solar projects. Most of them have been in residential homes, but recently the Business world seems to be waking up to the pure financial sense of going solar.

Every Major business in the country is getting solar installed! In fact, more solar was installed in 2014 than ever in history!

The perfect time to jump in has finally arrived! If you do your homework, you will find that most homeowners can install a solar package for less than what they are currently paying in utility bills.

The reason I made sure to say "A Solar Package" is that it makes more sense to reduce consumption of kilowatt power than to create the same power.

Simply put, make the changes needed to cut your electric bill down as far as possible thru energy efficiency and THEN calculate how much solar power your home will need.

NOTE >>>>>>If you allow us to do a quick consultation with you over the phone, we can determine about 90% of what we need to know... If you have an internet connection, we can work with you quickly to get started in the RIGHT DIRECTION >>>>

​Now that we are on the same page, lets consider what uses the most electricity in your home. AC, Hot Water, Pool Pump, Laundry, Cooking.... The best way to be sure is to look at the stamped tags on the units in question, and just do the math.

But, to save time, here in Fla, there are 3 items that consume 70% of the electric bill. Air Conditioning, Hot Water, and Pools.

However, there is a growing number of sales agents out there that know that the general public has not kept up with the recent improvements in solar technology, and how much the prices have dropped in the last 4 years!

What this means, is that the average homeowner is not doing their homework, and signing up with the first pushy sales person that comes to the home. You would not buy a car like this!!

So, the bottom line of this post is to do your homework. Prices have dropped, while the Solar Equipment has greatly increased in efficiency.

Don't get stuck paying thousands of dollars more because you did not shop around...We hear from homeowners who did not shop around, paid too much, and bought OLD Equipment Inventory from a wholesale warehouse...

These people lose in every direction, paid too much, bought old, outdated panels and equipment, and will take YEARS longer to have the savings pay off.

What makes more sense to us is to teach the homeowner about the process, and together make a decision about what would be the best for that home!

We help you do the math, real documented math, about energy saving products for your home. Every home is different, so every solution is different, but one thing is always the same...... It is cheaper to reduce consumption of power than to create power.

Imagine that you have a bill of about 250 dollars... that would mean you are using over 2000 kilowatt hours per month... We would examine what appliances are using so much power, and seek to offer a package of options that would reduce the kilowatt usage by as much as possible... Its really that simple.

We have a "Calculator' that we have created over the last few years that does this math for us. The numbers are based off of real expected savings according to Fl Solar Energy Center, Dept of Energy, Duke Power, Fla Power and Light, and several others. The numbers are very conservative, and in a few minutes will show just how much you could be saving by being more energy efficient.

In fact, the break even for most homes to convert is about 150.00 and more per month. So, if you have an electric bill over 150 per month, and own your home, this program may be for you!​

That being said.... check out this other post about what kind of solar power is best for your home... Central Inverter or Micro Inverter... Roof Mount or Ground Mount. Should the panels face North, South, East or West...

What we recommend is to send us your contact info with an address. We can then look up your home, and with a few more pieces of info, we can do an online/over the phone consultation. THEN>>> if we are on the same page, then we can make an in home appointment.

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