Tankless Vs Solar Hot Water Review

Tankless Hot Water heaters sure got popular over the last decade. But, now that thousands of homeowners have had them for some time, what is the reality.

Tankless Hot Water heaters are certainly a way to add instant use hot water for your home. But here in Florida, there are many factors that can complicate the operation of a Tankless Hot Water heater. Hard water, mineral content and external moisture are just a few of the enemies of Tankless Hot water systems.

One of the common repair issues is that Fla water has a mineral content that tends to clog the intake water filters. While this is a fairly easy fix, many homeowners do not wish to have to constantly be cleaning these filters.

Secondly, due to the hardness of Florida water, there is a normal scale build up inside the unit that must be dealt with at least on an annual basis. Again this is not a big deal UNLESS you don't have the system descaled. Of course there are service contracts available for this needed service.

Moisture is a problem as well. The casing on the units has a seal that must be maintained as well. The tankless hot water system is full of electronic boards and circuits. In Florida, the humidity can get inside the components creating lots of minor and major operational problems.

Finally, for Electric Tankless Hot Water systems, the actual evidence shows that there is no real savings in electric consumtion. In some models, you may actually use more power. So why do homeowners buy tankless?

Marketing, marketing and more marketing. And, now a nice little business has been created around the constant servicing and replacement of these units. Compare that to the average electric hot water tank, and you will wonder why people ever did make a change......

So, if we compare Tankless  Hot Water Systems to Solar, the facts simply are evident. Solar hot water is considered a 15 to 20 year investment, requiring almost no service calls... ever. The main cause of any solar hot water system problems is in the pumps and controller. The best way to avoid these problems is to install a high quality pump and controller from the beginning.

Solar Hot Water systems have the advantage of the large capacity water storage, with a well designed high efficientcy tank that is ceramic lined inside, eliminating many of the issues associated with metal systems.

When you look at the normal maintenance free operations of solar hot water, it becomes clear that the higher price tag for solar hot water really costs less over the life of the system.

Finally, ​many tankless systems cannot handle a volume of water... Ever try to fill up a garden spa tub with tankless... this is not happening... however, with solar hot water large capacity tanks, this is a simple process.

Here  is a solar hot water system.... very minimal electronic parts, just some valves and a big tank to hold the hot water, and a proven way of heating water by the sun.... Seems so much simpler.

 Why do you need all the electronics, circuit boards and super huge electric draws... Didn't homeowners install Tankless Hot Water systems to use LESS POWER?

For a true cost evaluation of Solar Hot water systems verus Tankless, contact us with the form on the right.

Keep your life simple, it's easier that way.​

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