10 Questions To Ask Before Going Solar

So You Want To Know The Price of Solar PV....

So what's next?  If you are like most, you have spent weeks, months, even Years waiting till the time is right to Go Solar.

STOP!!  Ten Things You Must Know BEFORE Getting a Solar Quote!

More People are installing solar this year because it's finally the right time! Records are being broken every month. BUT, the Increased Demand is Affecting Solar PV Panel Supply Lines.  Everyone is going solar....... 

Prices for Solar have come down (for Now) and Utility rates keep going up. It has finally reached a break even point. You can actually install Solar PV for less than what you pay for electricity.​ 

But, Are You & Your house ready to go Solar? 

  • Do You understand how to decode your electric bill? What is a kilowatt hour?
  •  How Many Panels will you need? Based on what facts?
  • Which roof on your home will be best for Solar PV ? Can Multiple Roofs be used?
  • Will making your home more efficient first be better than just Solar PV?
  • If You don't know these answers, fill in the form and let's get started today!

 Have you considered making the home more efficient first before installing solar. This has to be the biggest question of all.... Why?? Find Out Now ?

We make it easy to get started. Simply fill in the form so we can start looking up info on your home.  We can measure roofs, check county websites, create a pretty accurate report just by having a short phone/online consultation with you.  We can then send you a custom report based on our conversation. It really is that simple.

 With this Free Online Evaluation Report, you are going to be way ahead of most. Our free online evaluation will give you the up to date, relevant facts you need to make an informed decision. 

Google Earth View For Measuring

Electric Bill & Energy Usage Reports


     We only work in Florida.  Our information is based on working for years on Solar Projects in Florida. We are very experienced in working on Florida Homes, in Florida CLIMATES & Florida Based Building Codes.  We are Fully Licensed & Insured. This is important.

 This Free Online Evaluation Report is designed to bring you up to speed on making informed decision. We will work to assist you in getting prepared. We can explain financing options, Rebates and Tax Incentives.  You need to know what questions to ask. We are here to help!

We find some people spend more time researching a new laptop than the solar project for their home. Installing Solar PV should be considered part of an overall home efficiency process. It's worth getting it done right the first time! We will help you to Do Your Homework...

Want Us to start looking up Your home? Plz Fill in this form to start your free online quote!

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 If you have questions, please contact our office for an Online Presentation. No Sales man has to come to your home. Want To Talk to an Experienced Solar Installer Now: (352) 388-1124

THIS STUFF IS COMPLICATED at first << >> But, with the proper information you will be better prepared to make the right choices, for the right reasons, and to save THOUSANDS of Dollars on your Solar Project.





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