Going Solar Has Never Been Easier

We are now Offering 15 Minute Solar Quotes 

Contact us, answer a  few simple questions, and we can have a solar proposal emailed to you in a few minutes. Not hours.

If you think the proposal makes sense, then schedule a certified  I​nstall Tech to come see the roof and electrical in person, so we can plan for the actual install. Financing has never been easier, we can get your deal approved in a few minutes. Our rates are the lowest in the business.

What this means for most homeowners is that we can install a complete solar package on your home for less than the amount you will save on the electric bill. 

​All we need is a 15 minute consultation to gather enough information to create an extremely detailed 12 page solar package bid. This bid breaks down the total job, every detail, with a financial statement showing exactly what solar will be saving you.

Most homeowners are cash flow positive from the first year.

Want More Info......... Please set up a short onsite consultation with Mike Norvell Sr, of the Solar Division.  (352) ​408-7111